I'm 22. I'm big fan of Hunger games trilogy. I like Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. I post things what I'm actually obsessed. I also like THG, TMI, TVD, Originals, TFIOS, Orphan black. I'm doing videos and gifs. Here's my yt channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ShiningStar4Y2
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I know its an old scene and it's probably irrelevant but don't you love in 1x19 (the delena dance) the way they look at each other??? because it's been 5 years and I still can't get over it *sobs* I ship delena obviously but I ship nian even harder, so like my nian heart almost died from an attack there


Yes, I love that scene. Here is a post I wrote about that scene (xx) and this is something I said that i think goes along with what you are saying:

In the beginning of the dance, they do not touch at all. Their eyes lock, and there is heat and passion between the two of them. Genuine chemistry. Elena’s eyes don’t stray from Damon’s…she doesn’t even look at her feet. Stefan, you were so completely wrong, the near touch is not overrated. As they dance together, Damon eloquently takes the small of Elena’s back. Their movements are natural, and not forced. They are the couple that everyone is watching, but in the moment, Damon and Elena are in their own world..taking a time out from everything that is going on around them. Their eyes never leaving each other’s. 

And I love how when it is over, it is never discussed… like the moment was too precious to even talk about. And when it is brought up again, it is no surprise that it is when Elena can finally admit to herself that she is in love with him.

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It’s hard to believe that someone could hold anything against Jennifer Lawrence. She’s America’s sweetheart, for God’s sake.

But Hoult isn’t American, and he spends most of his time in the UK, so maybe he doesn’t get it. - Herald Sun


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Yeah, it’s about time ppl stand up for Jen! I think Jen’s PR is starting to fight back! And I believe the PR war between Jen and NH is the strongest signal that joult is really over and there is no going back!

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Thank god!!

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“I sat down with Lorde on the set of ‘Mockingjay’ this spring and I was immediately struck by how she so innately understood what we, as both fans and filmmakers, were trying to accomplish with the film. Her immense talent and keen understanding of Mockingjay’s characters and themes not only have enabled her to create a song of her own that completely captures the film’s essence, but her insight and passion for our project make her the perfect creative force to assemble the other songs on our soundtrack. I can’t wait to share what she’s done with the fans- it is truly remarkable.”-Francis Lawrence